Flash Review – One Week Friends

There’s a loner in Hase Yuki’s class, and he wants to befriend her because she’s lonely and also because she’s got a pretty face. No word on whether he would bother with her if she were below average-looking, but she does share word on why she’s living the lone wolf life, and that’s because all her memories of her friends from the week reset every Monday. Hase, however, isn’t dissuaded by such a major inconvenience and vows to be her friend no matter how often she forgets his very existence.

The Characters Who Are In This:

They get marks for showing up. They’re interesting enough to carry the scenes, and the plot does give them some dramatic flair when the mood strikes, but they lay down sheets that fit just right on their mattress and don’t care too much to change them. Sheets, by the way, are a terrible metaphor for character growth.

The Genre That This Is:

Something I find curious is how MAL lists this as a comedy, while Wikipedia slaps on the romance label, and I find it not slotting too comfortably into either. It gets credit for trying, but its attempts don’t bode well. It knows what a punchline is, but there’s so little muscle behind it you barely notice when it hits, and it frequently flirts with shipping characters together, but it’s too scared to make a commitment of any kind.

The Stuff The Characters Do:

While it may fumble two of its supposed genres, it’s safe to call it slice-of-life, but it plays that genre fairly safe, giving us the usual outings at the karaoke place, lighting fireworks at the beach, holding study sessions, and the class trip to Osaka. I don’t mind recycling old tropes so long as they’re recycled into something interesting, which the manga doesn’t. The characters only get seven volumes to do stuff in and would have benefited from a few more to do stuff like someone actually confessing their feelings.

The Verdict:

It’s okay. If you’ve got The Quintessential Quintuplets or Spice & Wolf inbound via mail and need something brief and decent to fill the time, it won’t kill you. It’s sickeningly sweet at times, but dammit if I can’t stop once I start shoveling sugar into my mouth. Just remember that sugar isn’t a healthy part of a balanced diet.

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