Flash Review – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Vol. 1)

Life is just the worse for Satoru Mikami, who has a crap job, no girlfriend, and gets stabbed in the back as soon as the story starts. Things aren’t exactly okay when he reincarnates as a monster that can’t do anything more than munch on the rocks it rolls over, but then things are okay when he befriends a dragon, then eats that dragon, and goes about his new business of founding a kingdom of monsters for the hell of it.

Our Fair Rimuru:

He’s about as laid-back as your next isekai protagonist, but he’s got a clever wit to his name, though he does like taking his time going over the technicalities of the world he’s in and giving new skills and attacks a trial run. And maybe this is the result of the translator being A-grade at their job, but his prose is a much more colorful read than that of characters like Naofumi and Teacher.

The Premise:

Gotta say, I’m quite a fan. There’s no cataclysmic event looming beyond the horizon, so most of Rimuru’s focus goes into making a civilization of the monsters most other isekai protagonists are usually mowing down to make bracelets and bootstraps out of. He gains an end goal of defeating a certain bad boy, but it’s to settle a personal vendetta for a pal, and sometimes it’s refreshing seeing the hero work toward bitch-slapping a guy for being a dickhead while spending his leisure time playing ActRaiser.

The Two-Page Spread:

Often, light novel illustrations are just kinda there when I’m reading, but relatively early on is a two-pager taking up the bottom space of both pages. It lends this storybook feel that, even when you separate it from the text it’s accompanying, is lovely in its own right.

The Verdict:

I don’t have much to say on this book. It can get bogged down in its own details at times, but it’s got charm and character, and it’s an overall solid read.

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