Flash Review – Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out (Vol. 1)

The life of the lone wolf is a lonesome one, but that’s okay, because that’s exactly the life Shinichi Sakurai chose for himself. His big-breasted bimbo friend, Hana Uzaki, however, rejects his lifestyle and spends every waking free moment she has following him around so that they can enjoy their last years as college students before entering the soul-sucking adult world.

The Tig Ol’ Bitties:

It doesn’t take an intelligent pair of trousers analyzing the cover art to tell you what the primary draw of this series is. If you’re a straight man (or gay woman) who loves him (or her) some gigantic bazookas, this series is staring you in the face and begging you to pick it up. Uzaki’s massive mammary glands emit such a powerful gravitational pull that the plot can’t help but to revolve around them from time to time. I wouldn’t mind this so much if the plot had more to say than “her breasts are huge, and that’s a huge turn-on.”

The Knock-out Knockers:

Let me take a moment to address a mistake I made in the previous paragraph. I mentioned how Uzaki’s bouncy bosoms are the primary draw of this series, but I need to rephrase that statement for accuracy—Uzaku’s mountainous mommas are the only draw of this series. There’s nothing remarkable about how the pair (the characters, not her tits) go about entertaining themselves, the writing is uninspired and hashed, and the jokes trip over their own shoelaces before they have the chance to get up. The volume realizes there’s always room for improvement but can’t be bothered with any improvement, so it decides to compensate for its middling quality by inflating Uzaki’s amazeballs chesticles to even more absurd spherical dimensions.

Drowning in Jugs:

Believe it or not, there is something which impressed me, which is that during Sakurai’s moments of accidental perversion, Uzaki doesn’t respond by punching him in his throat. She’s embarrassed by the contact, but she’d rather live and let live, and I can’t tell you how refreshing this is as a concept on the ecchi scene. It almost gives me hope that future chapters will try something new, like Sakurai becoming desensitized to her ginormous globes or contemplating the physical, daily toll they take on Uzaki.

The Verdict:

I got out of it what I expected. It wasn’t that great to begin with, and I sorta got into it by its later half, but the only longtime readers I can see would be straight guys (or gay women) inserting themselves in Sakurai’s shoes so that they can take Uzaki up on her offer of joining her for a nice relaxing bubble bath.

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