Flash Review – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Vol. 3)

Life flows swimmingly when you’re op af, that is until you attract the attention of the baddest mofos of the baddest mofos, the Demon Lords. They’re worse when a massive killer beluga wakes up from his extended nappy and heads to Rimuru’s city looking for a snacky. Even worse is dealing with his new BFF. But things are catastrophic when he finds out his citizens have named the city after him.

The Monster Culture:

Here’s something I maybe should’ve brought up in the first review, and that’s how monsters, no matter what species, have several cultural commonalities. They’re nameless until named, get ripped when named, and are incorrigibly devoted to whoever named them. Monsters are so three-dimensional that you forget there’re humans as well hopping about somewhere in the background.

The BFF:

Milim Nava and Saitama would be good drinking buddies, because they’re both enormously overpowered characters bored with life and chasing after a thrill that’s forever mist-like. It’s a joy seeing Rimuru act the part of her BFF not because he likes or respects her but because he’s perfectly aware of the fact that she could wipe him and his entire city off the face of the planet by flicking a booger at them. The one thing I can’t stand about her is her choice of garments. Now that I mention it, her and Nowi would make for wonderful drinking buddies, too.

The Dragonewts:

I mentioned two paragraphs above how monsters “get ripped” when they’re named, and that was code for they steal a page of Pokemon’s manual and metamorphosize into a stronger evolution. My childhood has instilled in me a bias in favor of this sort of development, but the strangest thing happens when lizardmen evolve. They become dragonewts, which is kinda awesome, since dragons are kinda awesome, but while some look like Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste, others turn into beautiful human beings who just so happen to have retractable wings. This leaves me to wonder who the human-looking dragonewts mate with. Presumably with other human-looking dragonewts, but can they mate with humans? Do they create a scene from a horror movie by mating with Yu-Gi-Oh! fusion monsters? I’m asking this out of sheer scientific curiosity and definitely not because I’m in need of new hentai material.

The Verdict:

I feel like by this point I need to draft a template to close the reviews on this series, because the books this far in are largely of the same quality. Same strengths, same faults. I’m just curious now if dragonewts mingle with the same species.

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