Flash Review – Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out (Vol. 2)

Uzaki maintains her daily harassment regime of Sakurai, and that’s about all there is to say as far as the synopsis is concerned. No wonder book sellers just copied & pasted the first volume’s blurb.

There’re More Characters Than Uzaki’s Breasts?

The gravitational pull of Uzaki’s breasts was so great that it captured the plot in their orbit, I said in my last review, but what I realized upon writing this is that their mass is so great that even my review couldn’t help but find itself trapped with no hope of escape. So this time, I’ll talk about the other things in this series, what few of them there may be. The characters themselves, for starters. Sakurai’s the male fantasy stand-in, and I find him only interesting when he shows his human side, such as his reluctant affection for cats. Not much more needs to be said about Uzaki, aside from the fact that she’s annoying. And all the side characters are just there to encourage the aforementioned two to bone.

There’s More Writing Than Uzaki’s Breasts?

More or less. This being an ecchi series, her breasts come into play a lot in some regard or another, but there are chapters where there isn’t the faintest mention of her lovely lady parts. That doesn’t mean the writing improves any. I can say that there’s some non-orgasmic climax at the end of each chapter, with the characters having done or accomplished something, but the setup until then is mired with angry speech bubbles and dialogue with no wit.

There’re More Jokes Than Uzaki’s Breasts?

Hardly. I find this series’s labeling as a comedy highly misleading, because what passes for humor is Uzaki doing something to get on Sakurai’s nerves, and Sakurai calling her a butthead. They’re supposed to be in college, but it feels more like watching two eight-year-olds pick on each other.

The Verdict:

I wasn’t planning on picking up this volume. The first one didn’t impress, but I figured I’d give this one a whirl just to see if it couldn’t non-sexually blow my mind. It failed to because the series doesn’t understand that a story is like a woman. There’s more to one than her breasts, and, sure, breasts make for great entertainment for ~10 minutes, but if you focus on the person to which the breasts are attached, you’ll find that she really can sexually blow your mind.

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