Flash Review – Gravity Falls: Lost Legends

I can’t provide a synopsis without spoiling the show, so if you’re for some reason interested in this graphic novel but haven’t seen Gravity Falls itself, I recommend you get your priorities in order and go watch it before you die with regrets.

The Humor:

It’s hilarious.

The Writing:

It’s sharp.

The Unfulfilled Ships:

I agree, Shmebulock.

The Verdict?

I don’t mean to be another vuvuzela among many honking about how marvelous of a cartoon Gravity Falls is, but it’s just that recommendable. It’s witty, it’s charming, the writing’s on point, the characters are memorable. I wasn’t at the point where I had to watch it, since I prefer continuous narratives to an episodic structure, but even so, I knew while watching each individual episode that the random gradients flashing before my irises was something special.

Like Avatar: the Last Airbender, the show leaves a few loose plot threads lying around for the comic to clean up, but unlike Avatar: the Last Airbender, it doesn’t leave so many that you can stitch a Persian carpet from them.


He actually gets to speak and have thoughts and opinions in the Lost Legends, and he’s hilarious, because he’s basically us, the fans, shipping Dipper and Pacifica and begging the show’s creator for a second season.

The Verdict for Real:

Lost Legends continues with what the show had, and what the show had was all those things I listed in the Verdict? section. It gives us more of what we love, reminds us of what made the show so spectacular, and leaves us crying and begging on our knees for a second season.

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