Flash Review – WorldEnd (Vol. 3)

After having an extended nappy, Chtholly wakes up feeling refreshed but feels like she’s forgetting something important. Like everything. Things aren’t going too hot for Chtholly, and they only get worse when she and Willem wind up on the surface with two debuting additions to the Leprechaun family.

The Bogart:

Willem has this pal named Glick, who got him his job at the warehouse, then promptly fell off the island, or might as well have as far as the plot was concerned. It irritates me when authors make up and use characters only as far as they’re necessary for the plot, so I was colored impressed when he returned to open up numerous cans of ass-whipping. What’s more, there’s an illustration of him, so I finally know what the hell he looks like.

There’re How Many of These Again?

Last time, I was on about how the bricks WorldEnd laid down to build up its Leprechauns made for precarious wall placement, and because this series’s raison d’être is making the reader cry, it pulls this move again by telling me that its Seventeen Beasts is just a lazy way of saying Seventeen Species of Beasts. It could be that I’m just an idiot incapable of proper English reading, but when it referred to the Seventeen Beasts, I thought it meant there were seventeen Beasts exactly. I think it’s more epic thinking about how just seventeen Bionises rendered the surface uninhabitable, and it kind of ruined my image of them when it turned out they’re more common than head lice.

Another “WTF?!” Ending?!

It’s almost like my complaints about the second volume’s flat final line traveled back in time, translated itself while in the warphole, and found its way onto the lap of the author, who took my dissatisfaction to heart and remedied his mistake by hurling his characters off a cliff and sitting back to watch them cling for dear life.

The Verdict:

If you’re super into this series, probably shouldn’t pick this one up unless you’ve also got the follow-up close at hand. Otherwise, you’ll be thinking up methods on how to time travel to a future when you do have the fourth volume.

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