Flash Review – Domestic Girlfriend

The teenage blues has plagued Natsuo Fuji like it’s 14th century Europe. He’s hot for teacher, he loses his virginity to some girl he barely knows, and then his dad gets married to the mother of the teacher he’s got it bad for and the human-shaped robot he submitted his V card to, turning the both of them into his stepsisters.

The Storyboards:

This is something I realized until after I tried reading Nisekoi and seeing its second-rate storyboards, but Domestic Girlfriend’s storyboards are stellar. The art is crisp and ace, and chapters are laid out to pack in as much content as they can to make them fulfilling nibblings, just about always ending on a cliffhanger of some kind to keep you invested and waiting on the next installment.

The Soap Opera Drama:

Domestic Girlfriend is packed to the core with drama, most of it revolving around the romantic relations between the various characters, and being the fanatic I am for seeing lifelong pals suddenly come at each other’s throats, my eyes were glued to watching a girl pull out all the stops because she wanted to hop on Natsuo’s vaginal impalement appendage. It’s basically a soap opera in manga form.

The Zigzagging:

This manga is all about standing you on your toes and keeping you guessing. Just when you think you’ve got it pinned down, it pulls itself up and barrels over you. It does have the habit of meandering during its college arc, like the manga caught writer’s block and came up with plotlines by using a random word generator.

The Verdict:

I enjoyed Domestic Girlfriend a great deal. Conflicts sometimes resolve themselves a little too conveniently, and while some areas could use some love, others are polished to a shine, and the total package is as genuinely dramatic as a drama can be. This series does get a bad rap, though, due to its step-sibling love triangle, and anime does have the bad habit of finding excuses to get brothers and sisters to wanna go down on one another, but who knows? Maybe one day far into the future, incest will be greatly accepted in societies across the world and we’ll look back upon works like Domestic Girlfriend not as niche fetish panderings but magnum opuses ahead of their time.

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