Flash Review – Saki the Succubus Hungers Tonight (Vol. 1-3)

Humans are horny. This fact is one Renta Ota is painfully aware of, being a thirty-five-year-old virgin whose nightly activities include and are limited to sticking his hand down his pants. Then one night, a homeless college girl, Saki Michino, collapses outside his apartment in hunger, so he feeds her and lets her bunk for the night, but then she ends up bunking permanently because Saki’s a succubus whose diet includes a man’s ejaculation.

The Typical Fantasies:

This being a manga geared toward the male members of the human species, it features the usual male romantic fantasies common in the medium. Ear cleanings, a woman who does house chores, who’s a good cook, who wears that weird cat lingerie, yadda yadda yadda. Been there, seen it, let’s be a little more imaginative in our indulgences, loves.

The Fine Line:

I’d seen this manga around for a while but couldn’t figure out if it was an ecchi or a hentai, so I bought it to solve that mystery. Turns out it straddles a very fine line between the two, and I hold only the more respect for it for that reason. Ecchi like Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out will proclaim, “Look! She has huge tits!” but are too embarrassed to acknowledge anything else about the human body, whereas this manga will unapologetically show a man fingering a woman to help get her off. The only thing keeping this from being a hentai is that no one’s genitals are drawn in exuberant, veiny detail.

The Succy Excuse:

When you peel back the premise that the world is filled with succubi descendants who need to assemble reverse-harems in order to appease their sexual appetites, you find that it’s just this manga’s excuse for getting everybody hot and bothered. Nothing wrong with this, but there’s no need to appropriate folkloric demons for a sexual fantasy manga. Human beings are horny enough as is. All you need to do is lock a pair of them in a room for about twenty minutes and they’ll be ripping off each other’s clothes before you can say, “I’m back with the lubricant.”

The Verdict:

I was honestly amazed at how not-crap Saki the Succubus was. I was becoming concerned I had signed up for some strange fetish circus show when Saki falls onto Renta’s lap and starts rubbing her face against his stiff willy, but once it gets past that and its been-there-done-that romantic tropes, it’s just a genuinely horny manga, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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