Flash Review – Inari Konkon

Inari Fushimi has a crush on a cute boy but can’t summon the courage to make a move on him. Worse yet, another girl in class seems to be putting the moves on him. When a goddess grants her one wish for saving her furry friend, she wishes she was her rival in love, bestowing unto her the power to transform into any person she desires, and giving her the chance to get closer to that cute boy.

The Cartoony Faces:

A trait of manga characters I’ve always been jealous of is their ability to react to news with a cartoonish expression. Life would be so much more interesting if I could duplicate Anya’s smug face for my enemies, and Inari has some of the funniest expressions I’ve seen out of a two-dimensional, black-and-white character. Her expressions don’t pair with witty dialogue like Anya’s does, but comparing just their faces, Inari beats her out with a wider range and the willingness to get childishly cartoony with how her facial muscles contort.

The Unrealized Drama:

This manga doesn’t just bring on drama, it slams it down with all its might. Woefully, it exhausts so much steam doing this that it can’t move afterwards. The badness of a situation can go from 3 to 100 in a snap, but the manga never presses down on these issues to exacerbate them, and they’re almost always solved by the next chapter.

The Uncontrolled Emotions:

A major flaw of Inari is her emotional outbursts causing the aforementioned drama. A personal favorite moment of mine is when she trash-talks a god. While the manga acknowledges this fault, it doesn’t address it. A sense of self-control can very easily be the resolution to her character arc, but the manga decides personal growth is too admirable and hands her a man to play janitor to her messes.

The Verdict:

Inari Konkon is cute, funny, and a touch touching at times, but it misses out on a whole lot. Its spikes in drama are exceptional, but that’s just it: they’re spikes, going up and down in rapid succession, and between them is a lot of mulling about. If it had made a canyon range out of the spikes, this whole manga might’ve been exceptional rather than a few parts. Too bad this manga can’t transform itself into a better manga.

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