Flash Review – Fly Me to the Moon (Vol. 1-3)

The future is bright for Nasa Yuzaki, named for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration because his parents are parents. That bright future, however, is nearly cut short when Truck-kun mows him down. Only nearly, because a mysterious girl saves him from death, so he isn’t isekaied into an MMORPG world. Instead, he falls head over heels for the girl and years later, after he graduates to adulthood, weds the young dame who saved him that night. Now married in the legal sense, but they have a lot to learn when it comes to loving your partner and how you express that love.

The Couple:

They’re quite the red oni, blue oni pair. The cheerful Nasa is a human Wikipedia capable of reviving a dying business in a matter of a dime flip and will bend over backwards, sideways, and into a pretzel for his wife, Tsukasa, who is cool, collected, a film and manga junkie, and the one with common sense in their marriage. They operate on different wavelengths, but not so different that you wonder why they would be attracted to each other, and the enjoyment in watching them comes from seeing how their wavelengths differ and sometimes overlap, creating some funny moments and plenty of cute ones, too.

The Marriage:

I have mixed feelings about their marriage. On the one hand, setting a speedrun record for marriage is a boneheaded move. But on the other, pairing them up like this cuts out the frustration which comes with “Will they, won’t they?” moments. They’re an item from the outset, so it’s a guide rail ride for seeing their relationship progress from clueless romance to not-as-clueless romance.

The Verdict:

Adorable through and through. Since it shows the day-to-day moments in their married lives, an entire volume can feel like nothing happened, which can be irritating in learning the full deets of Tsukasa’s unknown past, but it’s in those moments where we watch them grow cuter and grow closer. Forewarning: reading this manga is plausibly hazardous, since the dry snark of the narrator is to die for and one scene where Tsukasa wakes up and gives Nasa a surprise smooch melted me.

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