Flash Review – We Never Learn

Nariyuki Yuiga’s got a problem, a solution, and another problem. His problem is that he’s poor and can’t afford college tuition. His solution is a full school-awarded scholarship. His another problem is that in order to receive the scholarship, he has to tutor two classmates who are geniuses in specific fields but whose career interests lie in their worst fields.

The Rotating Stars:

Three more girls join Nariyuki’s harem, and the manga sets them on a carousel, with a different girl taking up the main heroine role each chapter. The benefit of this is that it keeps things fresh as you binge, but the drawback is that it’s mildly irritating when it isn’t your girl’s turn.

The On-and-Off Quality:

Overall, the manga’s enjoyable and pretty good, but it relies heavily on common romantic high jinks and is too eager for a panty or cleavage shot. It does have its moments here and there where it tells a really good joke or has a tender moment, but it’s not until its last few volumes that the series gets really good…

The Multiple Routes:

The last few volumes are visual novel routes, just without all the padding. Each focuses on the relationship between Nariyuki and one of the girls, and some of these are absolutely heartbreaking but equally as heartwarming once a girl’s troubles are resolved. Probably the saddest thing, though, is because he only helps out one girl per timeline, the other four get shafted and presumably still have their woes.

The Verdict:

We Never Learn is far from the most inspired manga, but despite its liberal use of been-there-done-that romcom tropes, it manages to avoid staleness. It’s sometimes cute, sometimes sweet, occasionally perverted, and always good fun.

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