Flash Review – Kuzumi-kun, Can’t You Read the Room?

Erika Sakura has got a problem: she’s so stuck on her classmate Kuzumi that she can’t stand it. No matter what goes down around him, he’s in his own little world, and it drives her up a wall. She tries figuring out what his deal is, but in getting to know him comes to know her own feelings for him.

The Haphazard Pairings:

Love is ofttimes an unpredictable affair, and if you love a person and that person loves you back, as oddball a couple you may be, more power to you. But it’s no less a pet peeve of mine when a story pairs up characters simply because they’re there, as this manga does. Sakura’s pairing with Kuzumi is peculiar to begin with, since they both operate at different wavelengths and she only ever has complaints to level at him. It’s the same deal with the beta couple. The manga wants to mash them together as a couple but doesn’t provide a convincing explanation beyond his calling her cute and making her blush.

The Been There, Done That:

For the majority of its page count, this manga does nothing exceptionally and rehashes the same lines every other chapter. It wasn’t a terrible read, but starting off, I had regrets over my purchase and wished I had put my hard-earned money toward a better, more inspired series.

The Flip-Switch:

I don’t know what happened, but one day, I picked up this manga and it all of a sudden became good. I was laughing consistently. Romantic moments were beautifully done. It began subverting my expectations. It was this last minute save that kept me from wholly and mercilessly pounding on this manga for this review. It was almost as though the final two and a half volumes altered themselves in order to make me eat my own words.

The Verdict:

This manga has perhaps the strangest quality formatting I’ve ever seen. It goes from completely bland and forgettable to hooking me for the final stretch. That makes it a tough recommendation, because if it was only the first third or quarter that was bad, you would just need to power through that portion, but because all the pleasurableness is at the back end of the series, there’s a lot more to suffer through before you get to the good bits. This manga’s so wishy-washy that I can’t stand it.

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