Flash Review – Our Blood Oath

Humans and vampires can never coexist—that’s the way of the world. But maybe not, because brothers Ko and Shin buck that trend as vampire and human, respectively. But as swimmingly as they get along, other forces out there think it’d be just swell if they were torn apart.

The Annoying Little Brother:

First there was the clingy jealous girl, and now we have the cling jealous boy, Ko. He’s kickass in battle with his white hair, cloak of blood, and “I’m gonna ruin your day” face, but outside of combat, he’s just an irritating brat. Since his older brother’s the only thing he has left in the world, it’s understandable that he would act so possessive, but there’s nothing endearing about a child gluing himself to his sibling’s leg and hissing at the cashier whenever he goes to the mini-mart.

The Awful Villains:

Baddies come and go like employees at a mini-mart with a high turnover rate, and the motivation of the most persistent pair is terrible. Basically, they just want to prove that humans and vampires can’t live together, so they make up desperate situations to prove their point. But that’s like some misanthrope lamenting all people are thieves and so leave their wallet on a park bench for someone to steal, then when someone comes along and steals it, they go, “Aha! I was right all along!” even though that theft wouldn’t have happened if they had kept their wallet in their pocket.

The Badass Uncle:

At the end of the roll call of bland, uninteresting, and unlikable characters is the brothers’ uncle, who debuts in the final panel of the fourth-to-last chapter. He’s this chill, friendly older guy who’ll mess your very existence up if you cross him, and he’s easily, by far the best thing in this entire manga. The shame about him, though, is that he’s not in a better series which could’ve put his overpoweredness and gray morality to great story use.

The Verdict:

One of the sloppiest manga I’ve ever read. The writing’s not smart, does a ton of piddling around, can’t focus on a single thing, fights are disappointingly brief, and there’s no sturdy basis for the worldbuilding, with supernatural beasts popping up as just enemies for the boys to fight. Aside from the uncle showing up at the eleventh hour and maybe the design of the vampiric beast from the first chapter, this manga’s a whole lot of nothing.

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