Flash Review – Remina

The field of astrology is endlessly exhilarating, because the universe is so vast and mysterious that mind-blowing discoveries are just a matter of pointing a telescope in the right direction. The most recent discovery of Professor Oguro is exactly that: a dimension-traveling planet with an erratic trajectory, which travels close to the speed of light, and any stars it nears strangely vanish. But when this rogue planet approaches our own solar system, Professor Oguro, and the rest of humanity, have the horrible lot of a planet discovering them.

The Lovecraftian Concept:

The notion of Remina, a carnivorous planet which cannibalizes other planets, is terrifying. We’re still a type 0 civilization, and the manga’s civilization is only just a type 1. If something comes our way which will smash the Earth apart or obliterate our atmosphere, we’re sitting ducks. No Superman coming to save our sorry asses. The only thing we can do is accept our imminent deaths and have one last boink with our lovers.

But Where Are The Scares?

This spreads to Ito’s other monsters and supernatural scares, being frightening in concept only, but this particular manga struggles to capture that existential horror of a terrible fate which can’t be avoided, no matter what one does. A planet with an eyeball is bearing down on earth, but most of the action is focused on people trying to kill one girl. I fully expect people to lose their minds for the apocalypse, but the piggish planet often gets pushed into the background until it becomes a secondary threat.

The Silliness:

I’ll just be upfront and spoil that this manga gets super silly by the end. It is neat how it takes advantage of the physical effects another planet licking ours would have, but if the story didn’t open up as a horror, I would’ve thought I was reading some Shonen Jump series which was getting axed in another three chapters.

The Verdict:

Ito’s weakness in character writing bleeds through profusely. Usually, he can get away with it, since his single-chapter tales don’t necessitate, nor have the page space for, emotionally deep human beings, but with the theme this manga’s going for, it’s too apparent. The ending did surprise me with the route it chose, but with the junk crammed in between when Remina drifts onto our doorstep and when it gobbles us up feels like a single chapter padded out into a full volume.

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