Flash Review – Rent-A-Girlfriend (Vol. 5-6)

Kazuya finds himself in a compromising situation when Ruka Sarashina rents out a love hotel room for them, and things don’t straighten out when she afterwards starts showboating as his girlfriend, something encouraged by Mizuhara herself to get him that girlfriend he’s always wanted. But he’s only so warm to the idea of dating her, and he has yet another feminine problem when Mizuhara drafts him for a practice date with a new addition to her girlfriend rental company. But she’s so shy that Kazuya wonders how she’ll ever make it with actual clients.

The Compulsive Liar:

Wanna know the funniest moment in volume 5? Some girl looking to hop on Kazuya’s junk crashes a dinner date with his grandmother and introduces herself as his girlfriend, and he talks himself out of trouble by claiming she’s a compulsive liar. Now isn’t that the pot commenting on the kettle’s dark absorption of all colors? All Kazuya does is compulsively lie, creating all these aggravating conundrums which wouldn’t exist if he just learned to explain himself properly.

The Psycho Ex:

Kazuya’s ex finally swings back into orbit, with all the momentum of an isekai delivery truck. Where drama hitherto has been caused by Kazuya’s stupidity, it’s glorifying seeing things derail by a crazy chick revealing her true colors. She doesn’t play her whole hand, which I can live with, since it promises more future intervention on her behalf, but her confrontation with Mizuhara ends in an emotional rigmarole that’s frankly uncharacteristic of the rent-a-girl. And, of course, her speech is given so that Kazuya, who still hasn’t gotten over his stalking tendencies, can hear what a great guy he is.

The Hurt Protagonist:

Giving credit where it’s due, this series does an adequate job at displaying Kazuya’s grievances over being single. He laments in his room and huffs about how badly he wants one after finishing a masturbation session. These moments don’t make me the least bit sympathetic toward him, but they do help humanize him, which is welcome, since the rest of the series he’s a brainless twat.

The Verdict:

This series continues to be horrible trash, with a lack of imagination for how to stir up drama without making Kazuya a compulsive liar or uncharismatic idiot. It does something right by having the ex step into an active role, but the same problems still plague it, the thrust of those problems being that this series tries talking Kazuya up as a genuinely decent guy when Kazuya himself has done nothing to support that narrative. Yet for all of this, I can’t take my eyes off it and look forward to my next injection of cathartic rubbish.

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