Flash Review – Jobless Reincarnation (Vol. 4)

After months of travel, Rudeus and his band finally make it to the southernmost port of the Demon Continent, from where human civilization is but a hop, skip, and jump away by boat. Problem is, passenger fees for his Superd buddy are outrageous, so they’re at an impasse as to what to do. Fortune then strikes when a smuggler offers to smuggle him across the sea in exchange for a favor, a favor which lands Rudeus in a world of trouble.

The Special Protagonist:

Rudeus gains a new power, and it’s not something one can just pick up and master in a week. His Superd friend used to have a pal with the same power but sank into his grave without getting a hold of it. And then Rudeus masters it in a week. Something I respected in this series was that even though Rudeus is overpowered for his age, that results from consistent practice and past-life application. But him learning this new ability in seven days comes off as the series doing what every other isekai has done, which is proclaiming how special its protagonist is.

The Perverted Protagonist:

One of the defining traits of Rudeus is that he’s a pervert, which in and of itself isn’t horrible, but his actions and thought process were problematic, as they caused him to view women as nothing more than visual novel archetypes to be conquered, a realization he had in the second volume. However, he reverts to his old ways and, in fact, engages in more lecherous behavior, completely unraveling what little growth he’s undergone.

The Stupid Protagonist:

About halfway through, Rudeus gets kidnapped and locked up after a spell paralyzes him. However, the reasons for his kidnapping are due to a misunderstanding, which can be undone via explanation. Know what Rudeus proceeds not to do? Open his damn mouth. He’s not gagged and just lets them whisk him away, but then he has the unbelievable audacity to say that they didn’t let him talk when he didn’t even try to explain himself. Rudeus is lucky he’s a fictional character or else I would slap his remaining IQ points out of his thick skull.

The Verdict:

Some great moments punctuate this volume, but they’re pushed to the background when you have to deal with a protagonist who turns insufferable for no discernible reason. This probably could’ve been the highest point for the series yet, but because of Rudeus’s bad behavior, it’s the exact opposite.

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