Flash Review – Saki the Succubus Hungers Tonight (Vol. 4-5)

The sexual tension between Renta and Saki is electric, but despite the hair- and cock-raising, they haven’t made a run from third base, so Saki hasn’t had her first Harvest yet. She tries to go for it, but giving a guy a proper blowjob is more of a skill than she first thought. When her struggles to get Renta to blow his load with her lips successively fail, it leads to impotence on his part. Luckily, Saki’s sister is a professional doctor, and her prescription for helping him up is the removal of his virginity.

The Lacking Creativity:

Sex seems like it should eventually get boring, since it’s just the repetitive rubbing of your partner’s baby-making equipment, but human beings, always in the mindset for repetitively rubbing baby-making equipment, have come up with a myriad of methods for repetitively rubbing theirs and others’ baby-making equipment. Yet despite our many sexual advancements, this manga has no imagination when it comes to the characters’ naughty exploits, so it gets dull seeing Renta finger Saki for the 47th time, rather than freshen things up by shoving a dildo in her.

The Out-Of-Nowhere Ending:

I was taken by surprise when this manga ended. It was chugging along, doing its promiscuous thing, when all of a sudden Renta’s given 3.8 seconds on a random Wednesday afternoon to decide which girl will be his girl. It’s like it got bored in the middle of sex, couldn’t think of a position to try out besides missionary, so just finished right there, rolled over, and call it a night.

The Unexplained Manliness:

Throughout this series, Renta’s little entourage is on and on about how irresistible his pheromones are, hinting at what a special and specially seductive he was in a world full of men. But apparently, that hint was the whole story. He has vagina-wetting pheromones the way people have blue eyes or black hair, and no requests for additional details should be made.

The Verdict:

I have two sex metaphors for the lifespan of this manga. The first is that it starts off like a couple newly wed in life, where everything’s wonderful, but several years on, without any spices to add, the sex has grown dull. The second metaphor is that it’s like a one-night stand, which starts off wonderfully, but then randomly ends when one partner admits that they’re just not feeling it tonight, which is really an excuse to cover up the fact that they ejaculated prematurely.

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