Flash Review – Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki (Vol. 6.5)

A bombshell of a confession’s been dropped on Tomozaki, but screw seeing the ramifications of that. We’re getting short stories ranging from Hinami’s second year in junior high to girls talking girl talk.

The Cheating Story:

Most of the shorts are chill, one of which being Tomozaki and Hinami shopping for a winter outift. So when along comes one where a girl suspects her boyfriend is cheating on her, it’s almost jarring. Normally, I want things to take a turn for the dramatic, if only to satisfy my sadistic quality, but the situation turning out to be a major misunderstanding was the better play than having this random soap opera detached from the main plot about a beta couple’s breakup.

The Different Reads:

In a romance-oriented series, there’s always the desire to watch characters fall in love, but I try not to be so quick to jump on board the ship. It’s a part-time science trying to discern if the cute girl with the luminescent blush is embarrassed because she can’t handle compliments well or if she’s got the hots for the generic male protagonist who called her a cutie-patootie. So when evaluating Mimimi’s behavior toward Tomozaki, I didn’t conclude her crush until I was absolutely certain. Well, turns out my conclusion was way off, because one of the stories from her perspective says that she was just teasing him for fun all along. Guess I’ll have to reconsider what it means when a girl shoves a bite of her food into a boy’s mouth.

The Nibble:

Volume 6 ended on a cliffhanger, so while it’s a cockblock to not receive that continuation, this volume does at least tease us with the tip. We see the thirty seconds after 6’s ending, so it reorients us back to the primary narrative and serves as a reminder that this series isn’t gonna get distracted with doing all the housework.

The Verdict:

Ordinarily, I find side stories in light novels to be dull and pointless, so maybe it’s because I’m completely biased in favor of this series when I say I quite enjoyed this volume. A few stories are just killing time, but the rest provide new insight on what drives a character or their insecurities. Between this and having volume 7, I would choose 7 any timeline in the universes, but as a practitioner in delayed gratification, maybe this’ll make 7 all that much better.

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