Flash Review – Fly Me to the Moon (Vol. 4-6)

Nasa and Tsukasa have a successful meet-and-greet with the former’s parents. When they return home, however, they find that their home has literally gone up in flames, with barely anything left aside from the foundation. Always one to be prepared, Nasa is unperturbed by this major setback, and the two bunk in with their friends running the local bathhouse. Their lives remain ever interesting as Tsukasa’s sister shows up to persuade her to return home, a girl with a crush on Nasa learns of his marriage, and Tsukasa discovers old game consoles stowed away in a closet, among many other affairs.

The Amazing Husband:

It’s fairly common, especially when romance is involved, for the narrative and all its characters to praise the male protagonist as a Messiah among men. That’s not good enough for this manga, as it takes every chance to talk up Nasa, making him out to be the next nominee for Time’s Person of the Year. It makes you feel inadequate as a human being when you learn how he rebuilt a hot spring’s water heater with nothing but his book smarts.

The “Modern” Man:

When Tsukasa and Nasa need to decide who does laundry, Nasa remarks that he’ll do it because he’s a “modern man.” Respectable. Then later on, he thinks about how Tsukasa will cook his breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of his life. Apparently not modern enough to offer to cook certain days of the week.

The D’aww Overload:

Despite being married, Nasa and Tsukasa are only at the beginning of their relationship, so they’re taking things slow and learning to accept and grow used to each other’s affection. Simple compliments get their hearts racing. It’s expected, but it gets tiring seeing them get embarrassed and fidgety for the thousandth time because they hold hands. Yes, I get it, manga. They’re in love. They’re cute. The per-chapter reminders are severely unnecessary.

The Verdict:

It’s still cute, sweet, and amusing, but the honeymoon phase has passed, and it’s just bite-sized snippets of the lovebirds’ marriage. What’s most disappointing is how it has some fairly good chapters, but their plots are confined solely to that chapter alone, so things end before they can get great, and it leaves you longing for bygone days, when this manga put in the effort to impress.

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