Flash Review – Invaders of the Rokujouma (Vol. 2)

A contract’s been signed between Koutarou and the invading girls stating that they would decide on who gets the room through peaceful means. Card games haven’t been cutting it, so two of the babes decide on settling things at the upcoming sports festival. But just because they’re entering into a fair competition doesn’t mean they won’t play dirty.

The Inconsistent Narrator:

This series uses a third-person narrator but can’t settle on whether it wants to be limited or omnipresent. There’re times when it’ll agree with the characters’ assumptions but then by the next page go, “Actually, this is what’s going on,” like it’s trying to be clever or comedic, but it assembles itself so clumsily that I know its inability to make up its mind stems from incompetence.

The Let-Down Setup:

The worst part about this series labeling itself as a comedy, aside from its lack of comedy, is that it has some legitimately good setups for jokes. For instance, two racers who were in last place make it to the final challenge of the obstacle course, see two girls going fisticuffs, and think the last challenge is beating the snot out of each other. This could’ve made for a hilarious misunderstanding, but the book self-sabotages by spoiling the gag in every imaginable manner beforehand.

The Three Stooges:

At the beginning of the obstacle course, there’s a multi-person wreck, and Koutarou gets past it by using three beefy guys as stepping stones. Kind of a dick move, but not the worst thing in the world. The three beefy guys, however, don’t understand and spend the rest of the race running him down so that they can get revenge. Even when another contestant lays down honest-to-goodness flashbang mines which wipe out a huge swath of the competition, the three beefy guys included, the thought doesn’t even cross their minds that, in terms of worseness, deploying military equipment > stepping on someone. And as an aside, one of them only says “Gotten desu!” because I don’t know.

The Sexual Harassment:

In order to get her off his chest, Koutarou conscripts one of the girls into the cosplay club, whose members get a kick out of stripping her naked and forcing her into a maid outfit. I normally avoid repeating the titles of these review segments, but that’s sexual harassment. You might even press it into sexual assault since they bound, gag, and stuff her into a sack. And yet the book wants me to laugh at this poor girl’s torment. The cosplay club might consist of all girls, but that doesn’t justify their psychopathic behavior by any measure.

The Verdict:

One of the worst things I’ve ever read. Possibly even the worst professionally published work I’ve ever read. Filled with clumsy writing, unlikable or unforgivable characters, and gags that make me wanna gag. It’s a piece of steaming, fucking shit that deserves only the harshest lambasting.

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