Flash Review – the gods lie.

Natsuru Nanao loves nothing more in the world than soccer. He lives it, he breathes it. However, he skimps out on his soccer camp when his replacement soccer coach, an elderly gentleman with more passion than skill for the sport, is replaced by a hardliner on practice and technique. His summer nights seem set to be spent beneath the night sky, until he has a chance run-in with a classmate, Rio Suzumura, who happens to be the only girl who’s bothered talking to him since a Valentine’s Day mishap, and she takes him into her home: a shoddy abode standing more on a miracle than competent architecture. Living with her and her little brother for the summer, he learns all sorts of things, including love, consequences, and the secret Rio has been hiding in her very backyard.

The Verdict Already?

There’s just one thing in this manga I want to talk about, but it’s best experienced for yourself over reading some random bimbo’s opinion online. The most I’ll say is that its lesson, or rather its consideration, popped into my head recently, because I read this manga some years ago. For that reading, I must admit I didn’t care for it. I picked it up coming off the heels of A Silent Voice, which holds a title as one of my favorite manga. But in rereading it, I wanted to see if age wouldn’t sway my opinion, and it most certainly did. I wouldn’t come anywhere close to dubbing this title a masterpiece, as, honestly, much of its stopping power fires from its angle of gray morality than its character writing, illustrations, or other factors, but as I said, its one takeaway is with me all these years later. It’s no lie that this manga is worth a read.

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